Today’s healthcare marketplace is a highly complex and confusing environment. With uncertainty around healthcare reforms, shallow pipelines, cautious regulators and patent expirations, being able to develop and deliver a unified narrative to multiple audiences across numerous channels is now more critical.

As experts in healthcare marketing communications, Cooney/Waters has been deep in the industry since 1992. We have been exclusively focused on health and science across therapeutic areas and health sectors, providing a full range of public relations and public affairs services to healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology enterprises in nonprofit, government and industrial sectors throughout the world.

Cooney Waters is a part of Health Unlimited a global health consultancy and communications agency built by specialists with unmatched experience, perspective and expertise. For more than 25 years we have been driving results for companies solving the world’s most complex and challenging health issues.

Overflowing with Expertise

Our long-tenured senior team is passionate about scientific innovation and breakthrough medicines and technology. We bring extensive industry expertise to client issues having worked in a broad range of therapeutic areas with best-in-class pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, medical device and diagnostics companies, as well as payers and providers.

“At Cooney/Waters, we act as strategic senior counselors and trusted advisors to our clients, working every day to design provocative and measurable campaigns that fully engage across communications channels to maximize message delivery.”

– Lenore Cooney, Founder

Turning Tides of Influence

At Cooney/Waters, we are highly adept at navigating the broad range of stakeholders that make up the complex healthcare environment, enabling us to create ground-breaking coalitions to improve patient care. We’re masters of the full spectrum of health communications. We help our clients build leadership for brands and companies by combining traditional media and digital strategy, influencer marketing and advocacy relations – delivering a strong and consistent message across multiple channels.

“Our campaigns move the needle. We’ve developed and implemented some of the most influential programs in theindustry that have been highly effective at mobilizingprofessionals and consumers to take action.”

– Timothy Bird, President, CEO

Changing Currents

We recognize that in today’s 24/7 fast-moving world, we must use a variety of methods and channels to reach our intended audiences. We are experts at creating programs that defy conventional wisdom and extend across traditional and new channels of influence to motivate desire, stimulate action and ongoing engagement. Click here to see examples of our work.

“We are always looking to captivate our target audiences. So we understand how critical it is to align the appropriate activity, message and medium with the right channel to incite action and engagement for the long haul.”

– Julia Jackson, Executive Vice President

Delivering Across International Waters

We can help clients no matter where they do business Through Health Unlimited, we can deliver local, national and international campaigns and projects through our network of offices and partners across all regions of the world. We have the ability to tap into global and local connections and expertise in public relations, advertising, brand ideation, planning, medical education, digital, and social. To learn more about our global partners visit: