Telling Tough Stories

By Tom Rovine Americans are a culturally optimistic bunch, and uplifting stories with happy endings are often not only hoped for but also expected. We see this play out on across the entire universe of content: in news stories, on social media, in movies… and it works. People often respond more emotionally to stories that […]

Perspective on Meaningful Change Over Cooney Waters’ 25 Years

By Lenore Cooney As Cooney Waters celebrates its 25th anniversary, co-founder Lenore Cooney, who spent most of her career focused on healthcare, reflects on changes and challenges and looks to the future of PR practice. Cooney Waters is a part of Health Unlimited, a global health consultancy and communications agency driving results for organizations and […]

Impressions of Thailand and Bali

By Tom Rovine Sometimes you just know you’re going to enjoy something even before you experience it, like the latest Hunger Games installment or salted caramel gelato. When my friends and I planned our itinerary in SE Asia, Thailand and Bali were non-negotiable for this very reason. I had heard nothing but positive (and provocative) […]


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